2009 Hall Of Fame Inductees

CAWF Hall of Fame

Rick Pinkney - Builder

He learned armwrestling, refereeing, draw sheets & running a tournament under the tutelage of the late great John Miazdzyk. 

For over 29 years he tirelessly promoted & continued to help push the sport of armwrestling further & further. He has been instrumental in the teaching, testing & training of referees in Canada & the WAF Level. He continues to re-define & improve the testing process, helping Canada produce some of the most elite armwrestling referees in the world. 

  • 1980 - Started armwrestling in Edmonton Alberta under John Miazdzyk and Tony Senger
  • 1981 - Started refereeing & ran first competition
  • 1982 - Won first National title at Canadian Sit-Down Armwrestling Championship in Edmonton Alberta
  • 1982 - Refereed first Nationals at 1982 Canadian Stand-up Championships
  • 1984 -Founded Nova Scotia Arm Wrestling Association
  • 1993 -Became Referee–in-Chief Canadian Armwrestling Federation
  • 2002 – Appointed World Armwrestling Federation Referee Panel
  • 2005 – Appointed World Armwrestling Federation Doping Committee

CAWF Hall of Fame

Tony Senger - Competitor

Tony, known as Popeye started armwrestling in 1977 with John Miazdzyk. In 1979 he held 10 Canadian titles between his right and left hands in every weight class he could enter. In 1982 Tony beat Al Turner of the US who was the reigning World Heavyweight Champion and Tony was only 180lbs. Tony was at the very first WAF World Championships in 1979 in Alberta. Tony has won 5 World Titles and at least 21 Canadian Titles, not including his many Masters and Grand Masters Titles. 

In the 80’s everyone knew that to beat Tony you had to beat him fast. When standing back watching Tony pulling, you would watch for his catch and then his wrist to turn them into a hook. At that point you knew it was over for his opponent. Tony was also one of the most gentlemanly armwrestlers you could ever meet. Tony took his wins and losses the same way and never put up a fuss. Tony also competed in “King of the Klondike” strongman competitions, which he won on several occasions. Because of his wins there he also was in the televised “Battle of the Stars”. 

Tony is one of the true Legends of this sport.