2017 Hall Of Fame Inductees

CAWF Hall of Fame

Dave Campbell - Builder

He started refereeing in 1986 in Nova Scotia
Was the Secretary/Treasurer  for most of his years there
Refereed 3 World Championships. Edmonton-1993, Thunder Bay-1998 & Ottawa-2003

In 2004 Dave moved to Ontario where he became the Referee in Chief in 2005 and held that position for 9 years
He became the OAA President in 2014 and still holds that position
In 2016 he became Canada's Referee in Chief

Thank you Dave for more than 30 years of dedication to our sport!

CAWF Hall of Fame

Scott MacInnis - Builder

He started in 1985 as a competitor and referee and was the original Vice-President for the Nova Scotia Armwrestling Association

Later on Scott started Armsport Videos in 2001 and became the CAWF's videographer where he would provide footage of the National Championships every year as well as many other events

Thanks to his hard work and dedication, we have video available from the past 3 decades

CAWF Hall of Fame

Tamara Mitts - Competitor

With an amazing armwrestling career starting in 1986, Tamara has accomplished the following;

2 time Ontario puller of the year
10 Provincial titles
17 National titles
U.S State Champion in 3 States -  Ohio, Michigan & New York
* 1996 WAF WORLD CHAMPION - Right Arm *