2010 Hall Of Fame Inductees

CAWF Hall of Fame

Earl Wilson - Competitor

Earl is one of the few untouchables,

He has over 30 national titles

18 podium finishes at the world level

11 of those are gold medals

The only person in the world to get 3 gold medals at 1 world event ( and he did it twice)

All of this in just  16 short years of armwrestling and still going strong at the age of 51

CAWF Hall of Fame

George Iszakouits - Competitor

George had his first match in 1968,

 He traveled to many tournaments over the next couple of years without winning a match.

He got his first World Title in 1983 in Costa Rica.

The records indicate that he has won more than 25 National Titles,

And has won the Arnold Classic consecutively for the past 8 years

And at 59 years of age he is still forcing his competitors to take a second place.

CAWF Hall of Fame

Keith Koenig - Builder

Keith has done it all right from start to finish.

He has held the longest running tournament in Canada

Averaging 6 tournaments a year for the past 25 years

As well as hosting several Provincial National and international events

Working directly with the USA to bring a Canadian team and start international Armwrestling in Petaluma.

 He was the first Canadian to take a team to Russia

 He even went so far as to start his own Wrist wrestling Federation, which if not for putting the sport ahead of himself he would still be running as an international event, but  because of his long range vision and certain unselfish acts he gave up his Federation and joined the Canadian Armwrestling Federation. In doing so he had acquired a place on the executive as Vice president of the Canadian Armwrestling Federation.

CAWF Hall of Fame

Lise Blanchard - Builder

Lise is a person who has been instrumental in bringing the sport to where it is today.

For the last 25 years she has organised countless Provincial National and World class events, working tirelessly on the advancement of arm wrestling all over the world.

As well as being instrumental in the creation of the Canadian Armwrestling Federation Referee seminar. The same referee seminar is now being used at the World level qualifying referee’s from all over the World.

 She is the secretary for the Canadian Armwrestling Federation, she sits on the board for the North American Armwrestling Federation and is the registration and score keeper director for the World Armwrestling Federation.

    Her dedication to the sport of Armwrestling is seconded by nothing, and looks forward to the day that Armwrestling is finally recognized as the Olympic Sport it deserves to be.

CAWF Hall of Fame

Vern Martel - Competitor

Many of us start out in the sport gung-ho, crazy for our next match and our next competitor. Until we’ve been beaten a couple of times, then we start to think that some of these guys are monsters and we look at them like they have 2 heads.

 Well what if it was true and everyone that you competed against had some sort of an advantage over you.

 Well these are the facts that this next inductee starts every tournament with, but instead of it holding him back he has used it to his advantage and overcame the odds to be one of the best Canada has ever produced.

  He has 3 International Titles

 11 Canadian Titles and

 3 World Titles

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